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 Kohli danced in the middle of the pitch during the game

Yesterday night in the ongoing match against Afghanistan, people were watching Virat Kohli's romantic dance without watching the game. While the game was going on, Kohli was dancing in the middle of the field. And the audience was urging him to dance harder. And Kohli also swayed his waist like a bridegroom, and shook the field. And Virat Kohli's powerful dance in Afghanistan

Yes audience friends, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is always seen in full swing on the field. During the batting, he tried to harass the bowler and did not hesitate to comment on the opposition batsmen while fielding. Not only this, they are also seen having fun in Virat Maidan. Some such scenes have been seen in the match against Afghanistan being played in Delhi on Wednesday.

Afghanistan captain Hasmutullah Shahidi won the toss and elected to bat first. The team faced initial adversity. Azmatullah and Shahidi managed the team. Meanwhile, Kohli is seen having fun. On the one hand, the bowlers of Team India are trying to take wickets, while on the other hand, Kohli is seen dancing on the field.

Its video is going viral. During the break after the over, Kohli is seen entertaining the audience with his dance moves to the tune of the song.

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